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My Search for the Perfect Supplement Stack: The Creation of NitroVitality

I got a huge surprise today! I had a checkup with my doctor (01/10/2023). My blood pressure was 110/70!
I retired from the Army 7.5 years ago. At physicals in the years after retirement, sometimes my blood pressure was elevated. Maybe it was the stress over leaving the military, or maybe I was becoming "normal." I don't want to be "normal." I want to be above average, or something closer to exceptional.
I have been working out and trying to make better dietary choices. For several years I have experimented and searched for my ultimate supplement stack. I have been unable to find what I'm looking for on the market. I have been reading studies and product reviews and mixing supplements together in my kitchen. Finally, I decided to apply what I've learned from studying supplements and nutrition over the last 20+years and start a supplement company.
The company's first product, created in concert with professional formulators, is Nitrovitality--a five-in-one nitric oxide boosting supplement with a popular nootropic ingredient for focus and stress/anxiety reduction. For the last three weeks, I have been taking NitroVitality. 110/70 is about where my BP was in my 20's! I wish I had checked it again before I started taking it. For my age group (50), the average is 116-142/81-89 (depending on the source. See attached pic.)
Full disclosure, as the founder of Nitrolithic Labs, I am biased, but the numbers do not lie. Staying active and eating a sensible diet contribute to improved health. We don't always stay as active, nor make all the healthy choices we should. Walking, cycling, or resistance training (or your exercise of choice) on a regular basis; eating less sugar, drinking less (or no) alcohol, quitting tobacco, and getting more sleep make a difference. Incorporating nutritional supplements may help compensate for our dietary shortcomings. I know I don't always eat as well as I should. In my case, I see it as good health insurance.
I do not have my own BP monitor. I wish I had conducted a more detailed study on myself as I started testing my supplement formula.
The next blog post on will be about nitric oxide and blood pressure. Please stay tuned!
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This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. Studies show that nitric oxide supplementation may contribute to healthy BP levels. Please consult your physician about any questions you have before starting a supplement or exercise regimen. Do not attempt to alter your prescriptions without talking to your doctor.
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