The Search: Nitric Oxide and Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

The Search: Nitric Oxide and Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Author: Shawn Woodman, Founder and Visionary, Nitrolithic Labs

John, a hardworking businessman in his mid-40s, has always tried to stay fit, but recently has been struggling with slightly elevated blood pressure. It seems like there are always deadlines at work and he feels pressure to be the best. John is his own worst critic, and the stress he has been feeling is largely of his own making. Despite being very well respected at work and at home, he harbors this secret feeling that he isn’t “good enough.” John works hard to prove to the world (and to himself) that he is one of the best at what he does and deserves to advance in his career. His doctor has warned him that if he doesn’t take steps to keep his blood pressure under control, he could be in for some serious health problems down the road. He doesn’t need medication yet, and he isn’t going to let it reach that point if he has anything to do with it!

John has always been blessed with good health but must admit that he doesn’t always make the best choices. He doesn’t enjoy eating vegetables, eats too many processed and sugary foods, and likes having a few drinks to wind down after a hard day at work (almost every night.) He thought, “Maybe it’s time I start making better decisions about my diet and habits.” He came to the realization that he is not invincible. John desires to live to see his children and future grandchildren grow up. He wants to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He dreams of someday retiring and growing old with his wife.

John prefers the idea of living a healthier lifestyle to prevent health problems rather than waiting until something goes wrong and trying to fix it with drugs. He regularly takes protein powder, creatine, and various supplements to help with exercise. Determined to learn more, he scoured the internet for information.

One day, while searching the internet, John came across an article that talked about the benefits of nitric oxide (NO) supplements to support healthy blood pressure levels. He learned that nitric oxide is a signaling molecule produced in the endothelium that relaxes blood vessels and regulates blood pressure. He read how as a natural part of aging, the body becomes less efficient at producing nitric oxide in the endothelial cells. He was surprised to learn that at his age, his endothelium may be only about 50% efficient at producing NO! John found some studies that suggest that supplements may support the body’s own ability to produce nitric oxide. He learned that not only can supplements that increase the availability of l-arginine help his body to produce nitric oxide in the circulatory system, but consuming foods and supplements that contain dietary nitrate can help the body make NO in the digestive system! 1

John found a meta-analysis that looked at many different studies regarding the effects of beetroot juice on blood pressure. The meta-analysis summarized that it “confirmed previous findings and contributes important new evidence that indicates the hypotensive properties of beetroot to be a potentially safe and cost-effective nutritional approach for…” [supporting healthy blood pressure levels and a circulatory health.]2 (See study for complete quote. FDA regulations prohibit supplement companies from using certain language related to diagnosable medical conditions.)

One study even said that “Strategies to reverse endothelial function have now been examined in a wide range of patients...Benefit has been shown with a number of pharmacological interventions…, as well as with novel therapies based on new understanding of endothelial biology (eg, dietary supplementation with L-arginine).” 3

Another study talked about how nitric oxide inhibits blood platelet aggregation and adhesion in the vasculature; inhibits leukocyte adhesion to vessel walls; and inhibits white cell and fibrous plaque formation. “Based on the combination of those effects, endothelial NO probably represents the most important antiatherogenic defense principle in the vasculature.” 4

John felt optimistic about his findings, so he spoke to his doctor to see if it was safe for him to try nitric oxide supplements. In John’s case, his doctor knew of no reason why it would hurt to try, although his doctor was skeptical about nutritional supplements. The doctor explained that FDA regulations prohibit supplement companies from making claims that a supplement can diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Only prescription drug companies can make such claims. John realizes that while supplement companies aren’t allowed to make certain claims, doesn’t mean that they don’t provide health benefits. He did his own research and decided to give it a try. He started taking daily supplements based on what he had learned. He feels confident that his healthy diet, along with the nitric oxide supplements are supporting his cardiovascular health and intends to continue taking them under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Nitrolithic Labs has developed a best-in-class, premium nitric oxide boosting supplement called NitroVitalityTM. NitroVitality contains a blend of high-nitrate beetroot juice, organic pomegranate juice, l-citrulline, l-arginine, l-theanine, coenzymes and vitamins. NitroVitality is a delicious blueberry-acai-pomegranate flavored drink powder that comes as a 30-day supply (60 servings.) It is not too sweet and does not taste like dirt as commonly found in other beetroot-based supplements. Early tasters said that it tastes so good they would happily drink it every day, because it tastes like drinking fruit juice! There are no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no fillers, and no added sugar. Everything in the formula is there for a reason.

The lawyers also thought we should tell you: John is a fictional character whose story is a compilation based on real-life experiences. Any similarity to a specific person is purely coincidental. The story serves as an example of how NO supplements, along with a healthy diet, may support circulation and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. References and studies are cited to support the information presented. It's important to note that supplements should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional and not as a replacement treatment for any medical condition or disease. This story is not medical advice and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. The information presented has not been reviewed by the FDA, and dietary supplements discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We encourage the reader to do their own research and take an active role in developing a healthy lifestyle! The reader should additionally seek professional advice from a qualified health professional.

If any part of this story resonates with you, that’s probably because we are real people just like you, creating products to solve our own problems. We do research, we buy and try other supplements. When we can’t find the best tasting product, with all the right ingredients, that solves the problem, we team up with professional formulators to make it ourselves in a GMP certified manufacturing facility and share it with the world! We are our own customers, we are “you!”

Thank you for your support! Nitrolithic Labs is a Veteran-owned business. We aim to help as many people as possible improve the quality of their lives by creating the most effective, best tasting, premium supplements and human optimization products on the market.

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